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serbian spruce seedlings for sale
Serbian Spruce seedlings, approx 8-14″ tall

Serbian Spruce mature to become the most beautiful ornamental spruce, period, according to many in the nursery industry. Fairly fast-growing, Serbian Spruce seedlings do well in full sun.

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Originally from Bosnia and Serbia in Southeastern Europe, Serbian Spruce feature short, dark green, flat needles (somewhat similar to a Hemlock) with a breeze revealing lovely silver undersides. This species features beautiful purple seed cones and a visually pleasing overall conical shape.

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Suitable for zones 4-7, this species can be planted much farther south than similar species such as Colorado Blue Spruce seedlings or Norway Spruce seedlings or White Spruce seedlings, especially at higher elevations. They reach a height of up to 60 feet [occasionally to 100 feet] with a spread of 20 feet or more at the base. They prefer richer soils, but can do well in sandier soils if watered once or twice per week during dry periods. (Rick’s note: I planted my daughter’s Serbian Spruce in about 6″ of rich soil at the top of a sandy hill, but rain runoff from our roof into that planting spot is significant. It has grown 15 feet in 15 years). Few natural pests or diseases affect Serbians other than White Pine Weevil, which can be easily controlled with over the counter pesticides.

Serbian Spruce seedlings: characteristics and info

• prefers hardiness zones 4-7
• prefers full sun, but does ok in partial shade
• mature height and spread: up to 60 ft high, 20 ft spread
• prefers loamy sandy soils, but does well in a wide range of soils
Missouri Botanical Garden info on Picea omorika
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