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If you need an order shipped ASAP, please place your order first and ask questions later…by getting your order in, we’ll be able to figure things out more quickly

Please check below for answers to common questions, and also check our planting and care instructions, our shipping info page, our pricing info page, our before you order page, or our Evergreen Tree Buyer’s Guide.

The Best Way: Email

We’re pretty quick with answers, and prefer email because we can provide you with copy/paste answers to common questions, helpful links to online resources, and carefully considered answers to the less common questions. For the tough ones we refer to Rick’s Dad [Bob], a retired professional nurseryman [semi-pro snowbird] with over 30 years experience, and then pass that wisdom on to you.

The Urgent Way: Text Message

Text messaging is best for fast answers to short, urgent questions…if you have long or difficult questions, then email is the far better way to go…since we can provide more detailed answers and links to helpful web pages. You can send Rick a text at 803-265-7533 [no phone calls please!] from 8am-10pm, including evenings and weekends, and get a quick reply.

No Orders By Phone, Sorry

We are a weird combination of geeky tree & internet people, and we work hard on our highly secure ecommerce system [Shopify] and accurate web site [Wordpress]. For the sake of accuracy and our own sanity when working 70 hr weeks, we stopped taking orders by phone years ago. We are not a large corporation, don’t have an expensive phone system or a secretary, and are crazy busy in Spring and Fall. If ordering online gives you the creeps, then please contact us via email to arrange your order and payment via check or money order…or, there are plenty of old school tree nurseries who will still take your call 🙂

Question about availability?

If it’s marked as sold out, we can’t ship it right now, but we may be able to ship it to you later in the year. We post future availability information on the page of each sold out tree species/size, and we also send announcements via our unobtrusive email list.

Questions about sizes?

Sizes are listed next to each tree, and refer to above ground height [advertised height does not include roots]. Note that if you order now but choose a later ship date, that may affect the size of your trees…here’s why >>

Do we have a printed catalog?

We avoid the high cost of printing and mailing catalogs to keep our prices as low as possible for you while still making a living. Besides, our availability may change weekly during the spring and fall shipping seasons, so a printed catalog would become outdated before it even hits your mailbox.

Where are we located?

We pack and ship your trees in the middle of nursery country, in the small city of Grand Haven, MI [a.k.a. Coast Guard City USA!]. Our evergreen trees are field grown in nearby Hudsonville, Allendale and West Olive. Our mailing address is:
PO Box 15
Grand Haven, MI 49417

Wedding Gifts: what trees are best?

We get questions about giving trees as wedding gifts fairly often, and have set up a wedding tree page