Norway Spruce Seedlings – Picea abies

[Picea abies]

norway spruce seedlings for sale
Norway Spruce Seedlings, approx 9-15″ tall [click to enlarge]
Norway Spruce seedlings are a fast growing, dark-green spruce with short needles. The pleasant appearance of this fast growing spruce makes it ideal as an ornamental, and is well-suited to applications such as windbreaks and privacy screens. However, its foliage is not as dense as many slower growing species, and so it is often best to plant two rows of Norway Spruce seedlings in a foot-step pattern to speed up the closure rate of a natural privacy screen. Another privacy screen trick is to mix Norway Spruce seedlings with a slower growing species such as Black Hills Spruce or Meyers Spruce, with the Norways providing good height in a shorter period of time, and the slower species providing denser foliage.

Missouri Botanical Garden info on Picea abies >>

Norway Spruce: Zones 3-6
Norway Spruce prefer zones 3-6 and full sun

Norway Spruce are the dominant evergreen in Europe, and although they are not native to the US, they are commonly planted throughout the Northeast and as far south as Tennessee. Norway Spruce seedlings can survive even farther south if planted at higher elevation, but are best suited to temperate climates, need full sun, and prefer richer soils. They can reach a jaw-dropping height of 200 feet, but most max out at a “merely impressive” 100 feet.

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