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About Nurserymen.Com/Nurseryman.Com

My name is Rick [you can call me Rich someday!], I am the owner/operator of Nurseryman.Com, and a third generation nurseryman. My father worked as a professional nurseryman in Hudsonville, Michigan until his retirement in 2006, and my grandfather was a professional wholesale nurseryman in Holland, Michigan for over 40 years. My grandfather and great grandfather [also named Richard] began growing flowers back in the 1930’s. They sold them to Weller Nurseries, which was across the street from the family farm, which my great great great grandfather homesteaded in 1849. My grandfather remembered the original log cabin, and my dad still knows where it was located [torn down long ago]. My grandfather grew gladiolas and did very well growing food and raising pigs during WWII. After the war, diseases ran his gladiolas business into the ground, and my grandfather was in bad financial straits. Ed Schierbeek, a family friend, talked him into growing evergreens around 1953. I never met Ed, but I did meet his wife at my grandmother’s funeral a decade ago, and I found her story quite fascinating.

My grandfather on his John Deere Model B, giving my dad Robert W, my Aunt Nancy, and my Uncle David a ride

I originally went off to college to become a computer geek, and had every intention of avoiding the nursery industry. As luck would have it, I registered the domain name Nurseryman.Com in 1997, but I had no real long term goals at that time. Eventually the goals presented themselves, whether I wanted them to or not [read: housing collapse]. Today, Nurseryman.Com is a network of green industry sites averaging well over 30,000 visitors per month, providing numerous online services for green pros and green thumbs.

About This Retail Evergreen Tree Site

In the summer of 2001, I collaborated with both my father and several highly reputable Michigan wholesalers to set up the site you are on right now. Not only can you buy plants that we grow, but we also horse trade so that you can also buy those of these other wholesalers who would not normally sell in small quantities. This greatly increases the selection and the quality of the evergreen trees we can offer. I now run it full time, and am constantly looking for ways to improve your experience in buying, planting and caring for your evergreen trees. If you have a suggestion, please let us know. Our goal is to provide you with fair pricing, an easy buying experience, the best quality and plenty of useful information to make your tree project a success.


As a web developer for over 20 years, I know how easy it is to fake a testimonial. But when customers take the time to let us know that we’re doing what we promise we’d do, it’s hard not to share it. So for what it is worth to you, here are a few that I’ve kept:

Hi Rick – wanted to let you know my tamarack seedlings arrived today. And so did my order from another nursery. I have to tell you: your product is so superior to what I received from the Wisconsin nursery, I couldn’t believe it. Bravo for you!! When I need more nursery stock, I’m only ordering from YOU!! Thank you for the excellent work! Best regards – Christine Casari
[May 5, 2023]

Good Morning, Trees were planted, actually a couple weeks ago! They looked great upon arrival and are doing well despite our crazy up and down temps here in Northern Vermont! Thank you for such wonderful, healthy seedlings!!! Enjoy your summer!
Glo 🌲☺ [June 2, 2023]

We planted our 102 seedlings a week after receiving them. We were amazed at the root systems on the seedlings and their overall health. Your directions for care and planting were accurate and very helpful. They are mainly along our south border, we are grateful for your service. God bless you and your generation. Thank you Rick – George Gaynor
[April 14, 2020]

We received our trees on Tuesday morning. They were packed great and the seedlings are very healthy. We just wanted you to know! Thank you and look forward to ordering more! Pete Dolchan
[March 31, 2019]

Wow nice plants at a great price. Plants came though shipping in great shape. I have been buying trees since 1982 and none have looked so fresh. Order came in today and planted them in their pot this evening. 58 here on Long Island not long before they will be blooming. Plan to plant them in the Catskills in two years. Blue spruce is the only tree deer will not touch. You will be getting my business in the future. Thanks TC [March 16, 2011]

I will be placing an order for 100 norway spruce seedlings for $80.00 in the coming weeks. I prefer to do my business with you as I have heard wonderful things about the seedlings from your company. I just want to make sure you will have the quantity I want before placing my order. Again, I will be ordering 100, for $80.00 and probably another 100 next spring. Thank you! Nick Michaud [March 16, 2011]

I am so happy with my trees. They are beautiful. Thank you. Roy Moore [March 3, 2011]

That first shipment of Frasers in I believe 2006, were the best that we purchased. It has been a struggle that is for sure, fighting gophers and deer and the heat each year. But at least I proved I could do it somewhat…I want to thank you again for your words of encouragement throughout the years. We cut our first Christmas tree yesterday, one of your Frazier Firs. It looks great. Have enclosed a picture. Again thanks for all your help over the years. Have a merry Christmas. Sincerely, John Meyer [Dec 6, 2010]

I wanted to thank you and your staff for a very professional response when we ordered our first shipment of trees from you back in 2009. The trees look the best we have every seen from any other company. We have a few die and you took care of it promptly. We received the order in lightning fashion. I believe that when you do something great let them know. You sure do hear when you do something wrong. I was looking on your web site for a place to leave feedback that others can see. Do you have such a page? Thanks Again, Have a great season. Tony Stacey [Nov 12, 2010]

I lost all the White Pine, 60% of the Hemlock, and virtually none of the Spruce or Fir. I planted as soon as they arrived and staked the location with red flags on wire. Honestly, some could be because of the really heavy snows we had and some could be from deer, although I found no evidence of that and the snow was so ddep it covered the seedlings until spring. I think we should plant in the Spring–early May at our 4700′ elevation useing Jumbo plugs where at all possible. Will you have 50 White Pine and 60 Hemlock Jumbo plugs next spring? You are very generous in your warranty; at 100% of White Pine and 60% of the Hemlock, the value is $208. Would you just credit that against the Spring 2011 order? I’m easy; just tell me what you think you can do that is fair. I am Chairman of a large landscape contracting company in Memphis now spending most of my time building a personal, arboretum quality 3 acre garden in NC so I am not used to having anything warrantied. Frank Colvett [July 22, 2010]

Hi Rick! I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure working with your company for my wedding favors. From sending me samples so that I could decide on a tree to getting the order here on time, you guys were awesome! It made choosing a favor and having them ready for the wedding very very easy! My guests also loved the idea. Thank you for all of your hard work! Courtney Rodgers [Aug 19, 2010]

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for some awesome trees. I received and planted them last week. Great condition, great trees, great size. I even wrote about you on my blog. Thanks again, Jay G. [April 22, 2010]

Rick, I received the trees and planted them yesterday. Great quality, better than I have ever received by mail order. I may order more. Thanks, John Tallman [March 22, 2010]

Good Afternoon Richard, The trees purchased last fall have done great, I think we have 1 out of the (I forget how many I bought – 25?) bunch that didn’t make it through the harsh NC winter, lots of heavy snow, melting snow refreezing as ice etcetera. No need to replace it, I think we can nurse it back to health. This latest batch of 250 went to the attendees of a sustainability conference that I spoke at. I work to promote the benefits of recycling paper and using 100% recycled paperboard for packaging (so we’re not cutting down trees to make paper for packaging) and I was speaking on those benefits to a crowd of packaging buyers from Coke, General Mills, Frito Lay, P&G, etc. The trees were a big hit. Our family had re-wrapped them in individual packages with a tag talking about the life long benefits of planting trees. I passed on your web site address to a fellow that’s doing a promotion soon and needed tree seedlings, I am sure he will contact you. Keep the trees growing; every tree helps scrub the environment of co2, what could be a sweeter system, a beautiful tree scrubbing co2….All the best, Paul J. Schutes [March 18, 2010]

Richard, Just a note to let you know that the trees that I ordered arrived on time(Wednesday evening) and were in the ground before noon Thursday. We are expecting two days of rain, Friday and Saturday, so the trees could not have arrived at a better time. The trees were in good order. This is the first time that i have planted plug trees and I could not believe how easy that they were to plant. Needless to say, I am well pleased with the trees and I sure hope that they will take off an grow. Thank you and god Bless, John M Ryman [March 11, 2010]

I have been trying to order 10 red cedar trees to plant in the fall for 2 yrs. now. May I applaud you for being the first ever to ACTUALLY ship them in the fall. I won’t be slanderous and tell you the other vendors but for some reason, the excuse seems to be “they” (2 separate companies) have to cater to the most northern areas first which seemed like a reasonable thing, at the time. However, by the time they got to me, it was spring and they would inevitably arrive right before I was going on a trip. Needless to say, the trees didn’t fare very well! I received your box within a week and I am ever so grateful. Keep up the good work! Thank you again. Fredrica Boyd [October 22, 2009]

Dear Richard – the trees arrived on time yesterday in excellent condition. I planted them yesterday, too. You will receive more orders from me in the future (next spring) now that I’ve found your company. Thank you! Sincerely, Mary Hosmer [September 12, 2009]

Thank you for your message. The Douglas Firs that I purchased from you several years ago are finally showing substantial growth this spring. I’ve had them in my flower bed and they were showing minimal growth, but based on growth to date this year, I will probably have to move them to keep them from completely shading my other plants. I am very pleased. Lew Whitaker [May 18, 2009]

Rick – please omit my name and address if you use this on your site. just use SJ, NJ. I love the 100 Eastern Red Cedar jumbo plugs i ordered!! they arrived in great condition, and were very nicely packaged. i unpacked them and gave them just a bit of water, then wrapped them in wet newspaper, and stored them in some plastic flower pots in the shade until i could get them dug in. these are very nice plants, it makes planting them so easy! I hope my new plants like their new homes! I will definitely order again, if i find a few bare patches. Thanks again for a great product! [May 15, 2009]

I just wanted to tell you thank you! The trees arrived just in time and they were moist and healthy! Everyone at the wedding thought it was fun to have them to plant, and those that were left over from the wedding, well, I could have given away another 300, I had to tell many that called that they were gone, so much better than being left with bags of stale wedding mints!! I will recommend your nursery to those that want to do this at their own special occasions…you were more than courteous, it felt like I was talking with some of my own small town business owners! Thank you again and have a great summer….teresa [May 12, 2009]

Hi Rick, My order of White Pines arrived yesterday, in good condition, and on time. I planted all immediately, just as described on your planting video (VERY helpful!). Thank You for your great service & product & communication & easy to navigate and informative website (VERY GOOD website!), which helped me make all the desisions nessessary for this project. You guys are amazing, thanx for everything, and keep up the good work! I was referred to you by a friend (Scott VanAllen), he spoke HIGHLY of you and your trees. Now I will refer you to anyone I can! Have a great day!! James E Cone [April 23, 2009]

The trees were a beautiful piece of the wedding, and I’d like everyone to consider doing something like this for their own events. Enjoy the photos and once again, thank you so much for the trees! My best to all of you at NurseryMen, Cait M [March 17, 2009]

Richard, Thank you for your great trees and great service. I appreciated the several emails confirming my order and special requests. My trees arrived when promised and in wonderful condition. They were very healthy, were moist, and I appreciated the few extra trees “just in case”. I watched your planting video for bare root trees and it was a great help in planting. I wasn’t sure if I should handle the plug seedlings differently from the bare root trees when I planted, and my husband decided to make the slot made by the shovel a bit “rounder” with a dibble bar. We had no problems planting 203 trees! Thank you again for wonderful service! If you would like, you may use this as a testimonial. I would have no hesitation recommending you to anyone! Susan Rose [November 7, 2008]

I just wanted to thank you for the trees. The root system on the trees I received looked extremely healthy and the trees themselves were already so full at such an early age. I had ordered pines from a different place last year and I didn’t realize how unhealthy they looked until I received the ones from your farm. Also, the video on your website was extremely helpful and cut my planting time down in half, probably even a lot more than that. This will allow me to plant more in the future and order more trees at a time. You will definitely be receiving more orders from me in the future. Thanks again. Scott VanAllen

You guys are wonderful. Not only are the trees perfect, your customer service is the best I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. I have recommended you to a couple of friends and will continue to do so. Thank you so much! Torey

I just received my shipment of trees from your company and wanted to comment on how nice they are. I can’t believe the size of them. Thanks again. I’m so happy with my purchase, I placed another order. Thanks! Mary

As a first-time customer, I recently ordered 10 norway spruces and 10 fraser firs. They arrived about a week ago. The trees were in excellent shape, good size, healthy root systems, and are beautiful! Now I am expecting delivery of 25 Colorado blue spruce, which I hope will arrive this week. Thank you for your top-notch service and quality!! Alice