Serbian Spruce Transplants – Picea omorika

(Picea omorika)

Serbian Spruce transplants will be available in Spring 2019, see Serbian Spruce seedlings
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serbian spruce transplants for sale
Serbian Spruce Transplants, approx 12-18″ tall

Many in the green industry consider the Serbian Spruce transplant the beginnings of the most beautiful ornamental spruce, period. (webmaster’s note: I have one in my own front yard, and I agree wholeheartedly). Serbian Spruce feature short, dark green, flat needles (similar to a hemlock) with a breeze revealing silver undersides. The Serbian features beautiful purple cones and a visually pleasing conical shape.

Originally from a tiny area of less than 200 acres across western Serbia and eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, this species has few pest or disease problems and is quite adaptable to a wide variety of sunny locations. It is a medium sized spruce, neither large nor small, neither wide nor narrow. Much like Norway Spruce transplants, Serbian Spruce transplants develop upturning main branches with slightly drooping smaller terminal branches.

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Serbian Spruce: Zones 4-7
Serbian Spruce prefer zones 4-7 and full sun

Serbian Spruce transplants are fast-growing, do well in full sun, and reach a height of up to 60 feet with a spread of 20 feet or more at the base. They should not be planted out in the open where winter wind can dry them out (again, I live in a very wintry, windy location and have seen no adverse effects).

Serbian Spruce wide range of soils, including alkaline, clay, acid and sandy soil, but prefer richer moist, drained loamy soils. In my experience, they do well in sandier soils and have decent drought resistance.

Few natural pests or diseases affect Serbians other than White Pine Weevil, which, if discovered, is easily controlled with common pesticides.

Sold out till Spring 2019, see Serbian Spruce seedlings