Fast Tree Planting With A Garden Auger

PLANT EVERGREEN TREES FASTER! The keys to fast evergreen tree planting are to [a] buy container grown trees such as evergreen plug seedlings, and [b] plant them with smart tools instead of spades and shovels.

This garden auger features a powder-coated green finish, a length of 14.5 inches, and a machined hex end so it won’t slip inside the chuck of a cordless drill. It creates a 1.75 inch diameter bore hole, which is slightly larger than the 1 inch diameter of the root plug of a plug seedling. The larger hole gives you the opportunity [if your soil is poor] to backfill the planting hole with a mix of the original soil plus a soil amendment such as mulch or garden soil. NEVER put fertilizer directly into the hole unless it is a fertilizer tab specifically engineered for the task.

• This bulb auger is FREE with purchase of 200 or more evergreen plug seedlings. If you buy 200 or more plug seedlings, you don’t need to add this auger to your shopping cart. We’ll add it to your order and ship it with your box of evergreen trees.

If you don’t buy enough plug seedlings to qualify, you can buy one from us for $17.00 [see below] you can just use any dull rusty old 1 inch drill bit you have lying around. You can also buy this exact same auger at Tractor Supply Company, it is called the KT-175 Metal Garden Auger. We add a few bucks to the price not to make money, but because of the time spent purchasing/getting the augers, fastening them down into your box of trees, and paying for increased shipping costs due to the now slightly heavier box.

Available only in Spring and Fall, we are currently closed