Fast Tree Planting With A Bulb Auger

PLANT TREES FASTER! The keys to fast evergreen tree planting are to [a] buy container grown trees such as plug seedlings and plug transplants, and [b] plant them with smart tools instead of spades and shovels.

fast tree planting with an auger made for flower bulbs fast tree planting using an auger

FREE BULB AUGER with purchase of 50 or more evergreen plug transplants

Our evergreen plug transplants have highly standardized root systems [2.5″ wide by 5″ tall], which make them stupid-easy to plant using our 24″ long x 2.75″ wide bulb auger [pictured here]. Traditional bare root evergreen transplants are generally the cheapest and hardiest size of evergreen tree to buy and plant, but their root systems can be huge and untamed, requiring a lot of brute force and effort to get into the ground.

Of the several advantages our evergreen plug transplants have over traditional bare root trees, the primary one for you the green thumb is stupidly fast and easy planting of something larger than a twig. With just a cordless drill and this specific auger [originally designed for planting flower bulbs], you can easily and realistically plant 50 or more evergreen plug transplants per hour without breaking your back. Watch our demo video [second video from top] to see it in action.

This auger is FREE with purchase of 50 or more evergreen plug transplants, just $17 [our cost] with purchase of any trees, and $27 with no tree purchase. You don’t even have to add it to your shopping cart if you buy 50 plug transplants, we’ll just add it to your order confirmation ship it with your evergreen trees.

VIDEO: Fast Evergreen Tree Planting
Bulb auger is FREE with order of 50 or more plug transplants
Bulb auger is $17.00 with any tree order of less than 50 plug transplants

Bulb auger is $27.00 with no tree purchase, with free shipping to lower 48 of the USA
Bulb auger is $27.00 PLUS SHIPPING to anywhere in the world