About Quick Checkout Links

The “quick checkout” text links allow you to quickly buy just one item. If you would like to purchase multiple items in one transaction, please scroll down each product page and look for the big green ecommerce buttons as shown under this sample graphic:

If you cannot see the big green ecommerce buttons on a specific product page as shown in the example above, it is probably because you have “external” or “third party” JavaScript disabled in your web browser’s security settings. Your browser is blocking code coming from our ecommerce provider. If you can see the buttons and can add a product to your shopping cart, but yet your first item disappears when you add a second product, then you probably have browser cookies disabled as well [cookies store web browser info]. Imagine the difficulty that arises when people come to buy trees that our site says ARE for sale, but the method of purchasing is invisible to them! We set up the simple “quick checkout” text links for those who cannot see the buttons. I truly wish we had a simpler solution to the problem, but here’s what you can do:

Solution 1: If you don’t know how to enable JavaScript and cookies and popups in your browser, perhaps try another browser or a different computer or even a tablet or your phone.

Solution 2: Just use the “quick checkout” links to place multiple separate orders. You can choose to have your customer data saved during the checkout process to make ordering faster and easier. We will know what’s up when your multiple orders come in, and we can merge them into one. We apologize for the additional time you have to spend doing this.

Solution 3: Figure out [a] exactly what you’d like to buy and [b] if it is available, and then contact us for a custom invoice so you can skip the whole shopping cart thing. You can still pay online with a credit card or Paypal, but with a pre-defined order written just for you.