Individual Plastic Packaging

Individual Plastic Packaging For Evergreen Seedling Plugs

White Pine plug seedling shown with individual packaging option

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Trees sold separately. Individual plastic packaging is available for plug seedlings only, and the trees themselves must be purchased separately. This packaging option is NOT available for “bare root” seedlings or transplants.

SOLD OUT till Fall 2024

We can pack each of your evergreen seedling plugs in a clear plastic bag measuring 4 inches wide by 24 inches long, with enough water to stay nicely hydrated for up to 10 days. We do not close the end of the bag, giving you the opportunity to choose one of several presentation options:
[1] trim the top of the bag down to just above the top of the tree, fold the end of the bag over and then staple/tape/sticker it shut
[2] trim the top of the bag down to just above the top of the tree, then tie it shut with an attractive material
[3] trim the bag down to the height of the lowest needles on the trunk [just above the plug dirt], then tie it shut around the trunk with a bow or other attractive material, keeping the top of the tree in the open air.

White Pine plug seedling in individual packaging, showing alternative location to trim off plastic sleeve

You may also choose to wrap the bottom of each plastic bag with burlap, silk or other fabric to hide any unsightly dirt.