California and Oregon State Quarantines

In a nutshell: no pines, no plugs, no eastern red cedar. We cannot ship those specific trees to CA and OR due to state quarantines on the following:

• Soil import restrictions, which means we cannot ship evergreen plug seedlings to California or Oregon
• Pine Shoot Beetle quarantine, which means we cannot ship Austrian Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Red Pine or White Pine of any size to CA or OR
• Eastern Red Cedar / Juniperus virginiana quarantine, which plays host to Cedar Apple Rust

Any non-native insect, disease, fungus, etc. which could catch a ride in a plane or truck over the Rocky Mountains [a natural barrier for these nasty things] could damage California and Oregon’s huge agriculture industries. So even though our trees are thoroughly inspected against these things, CA/OR state law will not allow pines, plugs or eastern red cedar.

However, we can ship BARE ROOT evergreens, but that limits your choices to bare root evergreen seedlings and bareroot evergreen transplants, and they can ONLY be spruce and fir and cypress. Additionally, most of what we sell cannot survive the warmer climate of California, which is predominantly zones 7/8/9/10, which means your choices are even more limited…at least at our nursery. Consider buying local!