Colorado Blue Spruce Seedlings

[a.k.a. Colorado Spruce, Blue Spruce]
[Picea pungens, Picea pungens Glauca]

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colorado spruce seedlings for sale
Colorado bare root seedlings, approx 9-15″ tall

The most popular Spruce by any measure, Colorados are often the primary choice for Christmas trees, ornamental landscaping, evergreen privacy screens and windbreaks. This ornamental spruce features a pleasing conical shape, can reach heights of over 100 feet and can live for up to 800 years. If you plant one and it reaches this age, we’d love to hear about it!

SOLD OUT till Fall 2024, see Colorado Blue Spruce plug seedlings

Anchored with a deep root system, Blue Spruce can handle mild drought and high winds once established. It requires little pruning to maintain its shape, and retains its needles better than almost any spruce (handy when removing it from your home after Christmas).

Colorado Blue Spruce are fairly hardy, dense, and grow at an average rate for an evergreen. It’s cones are anywhere from 2 to 4 inches long and have a brown chestnut color. Blue Spruce grow from Kentucky north, and east of Idaho. They can do well in lower states such as New Mexico and Arizona if planted at elevations above 5,000 feet. They can handle a little bit of shade, but full sun is best.

That “Blue Spruce” Color

Colorado Spruce needles are four-sided and can be quite sharp (“pungens” is Latin for “sharp”), and needle color varies from silvery blue to greenish blue. The Glauca variety (which we sell), tend to have more blueish and silvery needles. About 60% develop the famous “blue” color, while the rest will remain more greenish. It is a genetic trait which cannot determined for the first few years.

Colorado Blue Spruce: characteristics and info

• prefers hardiness zones 3-6
• prefers full sun but does fine in partial shade when young
• mature height and spread: up to 75 ft high, 20 ft spread
• prefers sandy loamy soils, but does well in quite a wide range of soils
Ohio State University info on Picea pungens Glauca
Colorado Blue Spruce Sizes and Availability:
--- Colorado Spruce seedlings [sold out till Fall 2024]
--- Colorado Spruce transplants [sold out till Fall 2024]
--- Colorado Spruce plug seedlings [FOR SALE]
• Comparable alternative species: Black Spruce, Black Hills Spruce, Meyers Spruce, Norway Spruce, Serbian Spruce and White Spruce. Confused about species? Check out our Evergreen Tree Buyers Guide

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