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[Picea abies]

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norway spruce transplants for sale
Norway Spruce bare root transplants 10-pack shown, approx 10-16″ tall

Norway Spruce are a fast growing, dark-green spruce with short needles. The pleasant appearance of this evergreen species makes it ideal as a landscape ornamental tree. The large main branches arch upwards, while the smaller outer branches droop downwards.


Picea abies are among the fastest growing evergreens, and can reach a jaw-dropping height of 200 feet in their native European environments. Most in North America only reach about 60 feet, and max out at a “merely impressive” 80 feet.

This fast growing species of Spruce are well-suited to applications such as windbreaks and privacy screens, although its foliage is not as dense as some other species due to its fast growth. For true privacy and wind protection using just this species, two rows of Norway Spruce placed in a footstep pattern are better than one.

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Picea abies are the dominant evergreen in Europe, and although they are not native to the US, they are commonly planted throughout the Northeast and as far south as Tennessee. Norway Spruce transplants are fairly disease resistant and have an aggressive root system which helps them outcompete other plants. They can survive even farther south if planted at higher elevation, but are best suited to temperate climates with full sun and richer soils.

Norway Spruce transplants: characteristics and options

• prefers hardiness zones 3-6
• prefers full sun to partial shade
• mature height and spread: 60-80 ft high, 30 ft spread
• prefers slightly acidic loamy soils, but is quite adaptable to a wide range of soils
Morton Arboretum info on Picea abies
Norway Spruce Sizes and Availability:
--- Norway Spruce seedlings [sold out till Spring 2021]
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--- Norway Spruce plug seedlings [sold out till Spring 2021]
--- Norway Spruce plug transplants [sold out till Fall 2021]
--- Norway Spruce conservation grade plug transplants [FOR SALE]

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