Balsam Fir Plug Seedlings

(a.k.a. Silver Fir, Eastern Fir, Canadian Fir)
(Abies balsamea or Pinus balsamea)

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Highly fragrant and very popular as a Christmas tree, Balsam Fir mature to heights of 60-90 feet. This “true fir” species can grow in partial shade and somewhat wetter soils, and can live for over 200 years.

balsam fir plug seedlings for sale balsam fir plug seedlings for sale balsam fir plug seedlings for sale

Plug seedlings of Balsam Fir for sale, approx 4-7″ tall [photo is no longer accurate]

FOR SALE, shipping late April through May 28, 2024

Abies balsamea serves well as a privacy screen or windbreak due to its gorgeous dense foliage and fairly average growth rate of about one foot per year. The popularity of Balsam Fir for planting as Christmas trees cannot be overstated, and as a result this species often sells out year after year in all sizes. They and the nearly identical Canaan Fir are cut for Christmas, but almost entirely from large plantations. It is prized for its lush green needles, natural conical shape, and needle retention after cutting, and is the most fragrant of all Christmas tree species.

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Cousin to the venerable Fraser Fir

Balsam Fir are so similar to Fraser Fir plug seedlings that scientists believe that not too long ago [as in millions of years ago] they were one and the same. Balsam Fir are excellent for use as a landscape ornamental due to their conical shape, beautiful color and fragrance, and dense foliage. Wildlife rely extensively on this true Fir species for shelter and also for food [mostly the seed]. Although deer will eat Balsam, they do not prefer it over other food sources. Martens, hares and songbirds often take refuge in thick Balsam Fir stands, making this species ideal for attracting small wildlife.

Abies balsamea are very shade tolerant, and do well in cool climates, and constant moderate soil moisture, growing in cooler locations which never really dry out. This species is one of the most cold-hardy trees known, surviving at temperatures as low as -49 degrees F.

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Plug seedlings are grouped in bundles or bags for shipping, but we offer individual plastic packaging, eco-friendly packaging, and cotton gift bag packaging for all sizes of plug seedlings, sold separately in matching quantities. These individual packaging services are available for plug seedlings only.

Balsam Fir: characteristics and options

• prefers hardiness zones 3-7
• prefers full sun to partial shade
• mature height and spread: up to 90ft high, 20-25ft spread
• prefers darker, richer soils; loamy soils; damp soils
Wikipedia detailed info on Abies balsamea
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--- Balsam Fir plug seedlings [FOR SALE]
• Comparable alternative species: Canaan Fir, Concolor Fir, Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir and Noble Fir. Confused about species? Check out our Evergreen Tree Buyers Guide