Variety Packs of Evergreen Plug Transplants

Variety Pack of Evergreen Plug Transplants, various sizes/heights, labeled by species

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Not sure what kind of evergreen plug seedling to get? Order a variety pack and get multiple species at a better price than buying multiple packs of individual species.

DISCONTINUED in this size, see Variety Pack of Evergreen TransplantsVariety Pack of Evergreen plug seedlings, Variety Pack of Evergreen Seedlings

In a variety pack, we choose a minimum of three species suitable for your specific zone, but also for your specific situation if you tell us about it. After ordering, we suggest that you send us an email or reply to your automated email receipt indicating your planting area and conditions [soil: dark / rich / poor / clay / sandy / loamy, moisture: high-n-dry / moderate / low-n-wet, sunlight: full sun / partial shade / mostly shade, extreme heat or cold, plus privacy needs, wind protection, etc]. You may also request that one specific species be included or excluded from your variety pack, and although we can’t make promises, we will always do our best.

plant evergreen trees fasterPLANT EVERGREEN TREES IN RECORD TIME:
Watch how to plant evergreen plug transplants faster [YouTube] and with less effort than any traditional "bare root" evergreen transplant of a similar size. You can realistically plant 50 to 100 plug transplants per hour without breaking your back, using just a cordless drill and our plug-transplant-sized bulb auger. FREE AUGER WITH PURCHASE OF 50 PLUG TRANSPLANTS, $17.00 with any tree purchase, or $37.00 shipped to your door [int'l shipping is extra].

Current availability [first come, first served, subject to change]:

Evergreen Variety Packs - Sizes and Availability:
--- Evergreen Seedlings variety packs [FOR SALE]
--- Evergreen Transplants variety packs [FOR SALE]
--- Evergreen Plug Seedlings variety packs [FOR SALE]
--- Evergreen Plug Transplants variety packs [discontinued]

• Confused about species? Check out our Evergreen Tree Buyers Guide

CURRENTLY SOLD OUT in this species in this size, see size and availability options above. Please consider joining our very unobtrusive email list to be notified when we begin selling and shipping this species in this size. You may also request a custom invoice to reserve these trees in your name for a later ship date.
Prices below include all shipping and handling and a one year guarantee*:
5-pack for $45.00 (5 bareroot evergreen transplants)
10-pack for $57.00 (10 bare root evergreen transplants)
25-pack for $109.00 (25 bare root evergreen transplants)
50-pack for $179.00 (50 bare root evergreen transplants)
100-pack for $273.00 (100 bare root evergreen transplants)