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Don’t know what species of evergreen plug seedling to get? Just order one of our evergreen plug seedlings variety packs below and get at least 3 different species [spruce / pine / fir / cedar / larch] at the single species price!

FOR SALE, shipping early March through end of May 2023

norway spruce plug seedlings for sale  

Above ground height varies widely, typically 4-18″ tall depending on species [pines are smaller, spruces are larger]

Quick Checkout:
10-pack of Evergreen plug seedlings variety pack >> $47.00
25-pack of Evergreen plug seedlings variety pack >> $83.00
50-pack of Evergreen plug seedlings variety pack >> $139.00
100-pack of Evergreen plug seedlings variety pack >> $199.00
To order multiple items, please scroll farther down this page and use the big green ecommerce buttons, or read these instructions. Limit 500 trees per customer. All prices include shipping and a one year guarantee

In our evergreen plug seedlings variety packs [what’s an evergreen plug seedling?], we choose a minimum of three species suitable for your specific zone, growing conditions, etc. You may certainly request that a specific species be included or excluded from your variety pack, and although we CAN avoid certain species on your behalf, we can only do our best to include certain species due to constantly changing availability. After ordering, please send us an email or reply to your automated email receipt with your requested inclusions/exclusions, and/or your planting area and conditions.

Typical characteristics to describe in your follow up email after ordering:
Soil: dark / rich / poor / clay / sandy / loamy
Moisture: high-n-dry/moderate/low-n-wet
Sunlight: full sun / partial shade / mostly shade
Other characteristics: such as extreme heat or cold, plus privacy needs, etc].

Individual Packaging Options:
Plug seedlings are grouped together in bundles for shipping, but we offer individual plastic packaging, eco-friendly packaging, and cotton gift bag packaging for all sizes of plug seedlings, sold separately in matching quantities. These individual packaging services are available for plug seedlings only.

Plant In Record Time:
You can plant evergreen plug seedlings faster and with less effort than any traditional "bare root" evergreen seedling or transplant, upwards of 50 to 100 per hour without breaking your back using just a cordless drill and this garden auger. Auger is FREE with purchase of 200 or more plug seedlings, or just $17.00 [our cost] with any tree purchase, or $37.00 with no tree purchase, shipped anywhere in the USA [int'l shipping is extra].

Evergreen Variety Packs - Sizes and Availability:
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--- Evergreen Plug Seedlings variety packs [FOR SALE]
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