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Not sure what kind of evergreen tree to get? Order one of our evergreen transplants variety packs and we’ll pick ’em out for you! Your evergreen transplant variety pack will include our choice [based on your location, soil type, rainfall, etc.] of at least three different species of spruce, pine and fir.

norway spruce transplants douglas fir transplants canaan fir transplantswhite pine transplants

Evergreen Transplants Variety Packs: species shown above, various sizes/heights

We suggest that you describe to us your planting environment…either in the comments area of your order or in a follow up email. This additional information will help us to choose appropriate species for you. Your soil type, how much sun the area gets, if it is low and wet or high and dry…that sort of thing.

Evergreen Variety Packs - Sizes and Availability:
--- Evergreen Seedlings variety packs [now shipping]
--- Evergreen Transplants variety packs [now shipping]
--- Evergreen Plug Seedlings variety packs [now shipping]
--- Evergreen Plug Transplants variety packs [available in Fall 2019]

• order using the green buttons below if shown, or use our evergreen mailorder form
• Confused about species? Check out our Evergreen Tree Buyers Guide

These specific evergreen trees are available and shipping now. If you’d like to delay shipment, please specify that date in a follow up email after placing your order. However, shipping season for these specific evergreen trees ends on Dec 19, 2018. If you need evergreen trees shipped later than this, please look at our various sizes and species of evergreen plug seedlings and evergreen plug transplants, which can be shipped at nearly any time of year.

We offer cotton gift bag packaging and custom laser cut pendants for all sizes of bare root seedlings and transplants, sold separately in matching quantities.