Black Spruce Plug Seedlings

(Picea mariana)
[a.k.a. Abies mariana, Picea nigra, Picea brevifolia]

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Black Spruce plug seedlings photo 1
Black Spruce plug seedlings, approx 8-12″ tall

Picea mariana are a slow growing northern species, featuring dense foliage and good shade tolerance. This species reaches only to about 30ft in height, except in rare circumstances, and grows in a small narrow columnar shape. Therefore Black Spruce is of shade and therefore well-suited to tight planting spaces where houses and other objects tend to block the sun. It is commonly found in the Great Lake States and the Northeast US, and is widespread throughout Canada.

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Picea mariana photo
Picea mariana plug seedlings

Although Black Spruce is generally a zone 2-5 species, it can do well in zone 6 if planted in a persistently moist location. It is a perfect species for wetlands and lowland locations around ponds and streams. Black Spruce is a good companion species for the similarly wet-loving but deciduous Tamarack Larch.

Black Spruce seedlings are remarkably tolerant of poor soils, and are relatively free of pests and disease. They are a “climax species”, meaning they tend to be the last plants to mature in an area disturbed by drought, fire, etc., but eventually dominate all others until the next major disturbance takes place.

Black Spruce seedlings: characteristics and info

• prefers hardiness zones 3-5 but can handle zone 6 if planted in a wet location
• prefers full sun to partial shade
• mature height and spread: up to 50ft high, 10-15ft spread
• prefers darker, rich soils, swampy soils, darker soils, boot sucking mud, wetlands
Wikipedia info on Black Spruce
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• Comparable alternative species: Black Hills Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce, Meyers Spruce, Norway Spruce, Serbian Spruce and White Spruce. Confused about species? Check out our Evergreen Tree Buyers Guide

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