Austrian Pine Plug Seedlings

[Pinus nigra]
[a.k.a. Black Pine]

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Austrian Pine feature very long, dark green needles and can reach a height of up to well over 60 feet at maturity, with a spread of up to 40 feet.

austrian pine plug seedlings for sale austrian pine plug seedlings for sale austrian pine plug seedlings for sale

Austrian Pine plug seedlings, approx 5-8″ tall [click to enlarge]

One of the hardiest of pines, Austrians are able to thrive in occasionally very dry conditions and slightly alkaline soils, quite uncommon for an evergreen. However, when first planted this species of conifer needs as much water as any.

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Austrians are fast growing [we’ve seen 2ft per year] and amazingly adaptive, tolerant of wind, temperatures of 20 below zero, mild road salt, air pollution, drought and hot weather.

A Highly Adaptable Pine

Although officially rated to grow as far south as zone 7, they can often be successfully grown into zone 8 once properly established. Austrian Pine plug seedlings thrive in full sun, but also do well in partial shade. They grow in sandy, well-drained soils as well as heavy clay.

Young Austrian Pine will retain lower branches and foliage, but these will often die off as they reach mature height. They therefore should be mixed with other species if you are planting for privacy or windbreak.

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Although the European name obviously means they are not native to the United States, the many remarkable characteristics of Austrian Pine make them a popular evergreen tree with a wide range of uses: landscaping, along roads and in urban environments [salt spray and salt runoff], as Christmas trees, privacy screens and wildlife habitat.

Austrian Pine plug seedlings: characteristics and options

• prefers hardiness zones 3-7
• prefers full sun, does ok in partial shade
• mature height and spread: 60ft high, 20-40ft spread
• prefers sandy well draining soils, does OK in a wide range of soils such as clay and alkaline soils, even road salt runoff
Wikipedia detailed info on Pinus nigra
Austrian Pine Sizes and Availability:
--- Austrian Pine seedlings [FOR SALE]
--- Austrian Pine transplants [discontinued due to bulky size]
--- Austrian Pine plug seedlings [sold out till Fall 2024 or later]
• Comparable alternative species: Eastern White Pine, Ponderosa Pine, and Red Pine. Confused about species? Check out our Evergreen Tree Buyers Guide

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