White Pine Plug Seedlings

[a.k.a. Eastern White Pine, Northern White Pine]
[Pinus strobus]

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Eastern White Pine feature long blue-green needles average 2 to 5 inches in length. Lower branches often fall away as it reaches maturity, leaving a tall bare trunk with a “crown” of branches at the top. This species is also known as Northern White Pine, Eastern White Pine or just White Pine.

Pinus strobus reach heights of up to 120 feet tall [rarely to 200ft], with a spread of up to 30 feet during a life span of easily 200 years. No wonder they are considered the kings of the Eastern forests and the tallest evergreen tree in North America!

The sheer size and abundance of this species was fundamental to the rebuilding efforts after the “Great Chicago Fire” of 1871. Since everything harvested at that time was old growth, any reclaimed lumber today from old buildings in Chicago was already old, and probably predates the arrival of Columbus in 1492. Most lumber sourced for this rebuilding effort came by ship or rail from the historic pine forests of Michigan.

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White Pine plug seedlings for sale White Pine plug seedlings for sale White Pine plug seedlings for sale

White Pine plug seedlings for sale, approx 4-6″ tall [photos are no longer accurate]

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Pinus strobus plug seedlings prefer full sun and well drained soils, and so planting in light to dark sandy soils in open spaces is ideal. This species does well in mild to moderate drought once established with good deep root systems. Their height, branching nature and seed type make them an ideal squirrel, chipmunk and bird shelter and food source. Birds of prey often nest in this species due to the high vantage point, and the wide variety of animals attracted by its seed.

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White Pine plug seedlings: characteristics and info

• prefers hardiness zones 3-7
• prefers full sun but does OK in partial shade
• mature height and spread: up to 120 ft high, 30 ft spread
• prefers sandy soils, sandy loam, light soils, well draining soils
Missouri Botanical Garden info on Pinus strobus
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• Comparable alternative species: Austrian Pine, Ponderosa Pine and Red Pine. Confused about species? Check out our Evergreen Tree Buyers Guide