Before You Order, Please Note:

[1] The Date and Time

If you place your order by 9am EST, your order will usually ship that same day, unless our shipping schedule is already full [this happens often in the Spring]. If you order later in the week and we determine that it will not arrive by Friday, we will postpone shipping to the following Monday. You may also order early to ensure availability, and request a later ship date in a follow up email shortly after placing your order. Please see our shipping page for more info.

[2] Your Location

We do not or cannot ship to all states within the US, specifically Idaho and Hawaii, nor do we ship outside the US to Canada or Mexico. Although all of our plants have passed the Michigan Department of Agriculture inspections for pests and diseases, it is very expensive to obtain the additional pest and disease inspections required to ship live plants outside the lower 48 states of the US.

[3] Postponing your order for weeks or even months

If you have your order shipped right away, the tree sizes as shown on our site should be accurate. Although we can hold your shipment for weeks or even months, after a delay of that long, our published tree sizes may no longer be accurate…here’s why >>