Bald Cypress Seedlings

(Taxodium distichum)
(a.k.a. Southern Cypress, White Cypress, Swamp Cypress)

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Bald Cypress seedlings for sale
Bald Cypress seedlings, approx 12-18″ tall [foliage not included!]
Bald Cypress seedlings are a beautiful species of ornamental deciduous conifer, dropping needles every fall/winter in a gorgeous coppery bronze show. This species grows fairly quickly and lives for a very long time for a conifer, reaching heights of to 70 to 100ft tall.

CLOSED for the summer, sales resume in late August 2024

Taxodium distichum flourishes in a wide range of zones once established, and a wide range of wet soil types. Therefore this species of conifer is great for planting around ponds and water features, or anywhere the mud wants to suck your boots off.

bald cypress seedlings for sale
Bald Cypress seedlings, approx 12-18″ tall [size in photo is no longer accurate]
This highly water tolerant species can minimize the effects of flooding by holding the soil in place when submerged. If grown in a frequently submerged location, the side roots often develop as knees to provide additional support for the tree. This feature provides the added benefit of even better erosion control.

Although known as a southern species, they can do well in northern locations once properly established. Younger seedlings are susceptible to unseasonal cold snaps, but more mature and established specimens become quite tolerant of wintery conditions. Often the tree appears dead due to frost/freeze damage or drought, but bounces back if given a chance.

Taxodium distichum often attract waterfowl and amphibians at maturity because of its preference for wet locations. Also, many animals are attracted to its nutritious seeds. Bald eagles and ospreys are often seen nesting in the treetops, and southern states one often finds Spanish moss hanging from the branches.

Bald Cypress seedlings: characteristics and options

• prefers hardiness zones 5-10
• prefers full sun, does ok in partial shade
• mature height and spread: 100ft high, up to 30ft spread
• prefers darker, richer soils; muddy wet loamy soils; standing water; riverbanks; wetlands
Wikipedia detailed info on Taxodium distichum
Bald Cypress Sizes and Availability:
--- Bald Cypress seedlings [sold out till Spring 2025]
• Comparable alternative species: Tamarack Larch, White Cedar. Confused about species? Check out our Evergreen Tree Buyers Guide

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