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Optional Packaging Services & Items:

Individual Packaging
Gift Bag Packaging
Eco Friendly Packaging
Custom Laser Cut Pendants
Auger, 24" Long by 3" dia

Individual Eco Packaging option for plug seedlings, Fraser Fir shown in this exampleIndividual Eco Packaging option for plug seedlings, Meyers Spruce shown in this exampleEco Friendly Individual Packaging for Evergreen Tree Plugs

Trees sold separately. Eco friendly individual packaging is available for plug seedlings only, and the trees themselves must be purchased separately. This packaging option is NOT available for "bare root" seedlings or transplants, or plug transplants.

See Also:
Individual Cotton Gift Bag Packaging [available for ALL trees]
Individual Plastic Packaging [available for plug seedlings and plug transplants only]

Save yourself literally hours of prep time getting your trees ready for that special event! We will pack the "root plugs" of each of your evergreen plug seedlings in eco-friendly wax paper, tied with natural sisal twine...no plastics are used. The final rolled wax paper measurements are approximately 1 inch wide by 6 inches tall, not including the height of the tree itself. These are perfect for handouts at weddings, corporate events and trade shows, since [1] you don't have to do any of the dirty and time consuming packaging work, [2] they are thoroughly clean on top and snugly packaged on bottom, so they won't make a mess, and [3] they will stay properly hydrated for up to 10 days.

It is not always possible to provide this service on less than 24 hrs notice, since eco-packaging is a time intensive process and some types of trees may need to be prepped and allowed to dry [or thawed out if winter]. We recommend that you order at least 24 hrs prior to your preferred ship date. If you need more than 500 trees packaged in this manner, please contact Rick with your specific needs to ensure that we can hit your target with regards to your preferred ship date.

Plug seedlings not included, must be purchased separately here >>

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Individual Eco Packaging option for plug seedlings, Colorado Blue Spruce shown in this example Individual Eco Packaging option for plug seedlings, Eastern Red Cedar shown in this example Individual Eco Packaging option for plug seedlings, Red Pine shown in this example Individual Eco Packaging option for plug seedlings, Meyers Spruce with custom printed tag provided by customer

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