Western Red Cedar plug seedlings

(a.k.a. Western Redcedar, Giant Arborvitae, Thuja gigantea, Western Thuja)
(Thuja plicata)

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The Western Red Cedar is a coniferous species native to northern regions, displaying a preference for moist to wet soils, and demonstrating remarkable shade tolerance. Its prominent branches cascade outward from the main trunk, curving upwards at the tips, reminiscent of the Norway Spruce. The distinctive trunk showcases a reddish or gray fibrous bark. In its mature state, this species can attain impressive heights of 120-150 feet, while ancient specimens in old growth forests can tower at around 200 feet in height and boast a diameter of 18 feet. For remarkable examples, search for the “Grove of the Patriarchs” in Mt. Rainier National Park, where you’ll find specimens that have thrived for over 1,000 years.

Plug seedlings of Western Red Cedar for sale, approx 4-8″ tall [photo not yet available]

Available in Spring 2024, sales begin in late January 2024

Although the growth rate of Western Red Cedar is relatively moderate, this characteristic results in lush foliage that offers excellent suitability for creating privacy screens and providing wind protection. Throughout the year, deer actively browse on Western Red Cedar, attracting a range of wildlife including rodents, elk, black bears, raccoons, skunks, sapsuckers, woodpeckers, and tree swallows.

Originating from northern California through Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Montana, and extending into Canada, all the way to Southern Alaska, Thuja plicata remains adaptable. While it thrives on moist alluvial sites—soils deposited by water and flooding—it can also flourish in nutrient-rich dry soils and sphagnum bogs. By providing sufficient water and nutrients during the early stages, these trees can acclimate to varying conditions. The term “Arborvitae” translates to “tree of life,” reflecting the significance of this species.

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You can plant evergreen plug seedlings faster and with less effort than any traditional "bare root" evergreen seedling or transplant, upwards of 50 to 100 per hour without breaking your back using just a cordless drill and this garden auger. Auger is FREE with purchase of 200 or more plug seedlings, or just $17.00 [our cost] with any tree purchase, or $37.00 with no tree purchase, shipped anywhere in the USA [int'l shipping is extra].

Thuja plicata is a member of the Cypress family (Cupressaceae) and serves as the western counterpart to the Northern White Cedar [a.k.a. Eastern White Cedar], which hails from the northeastern United States and eastern Canada. Like its familial counterparts, the wood of Thuja plicata is naturally resistant to rot, thus making it invaluable for diverse construction applications, including interior and exterior siding, decks, fencing, outdoor structures, and furniture.

Western Red Cedar: characteristics and options

• prefers hardiness zones 2-6 • prefers partial sun to mostly shade when young
• mature height and spread: 150ft high, 10-15ft spread
• prefers loamy alluvial draining soils, prefers lowlands and wet locations
Wikipedia detailed info on Thuja plicata
Western Red Cedar Sizes and Availability:
--- Western Red Cedar plug seedlings [sold out till Spring 2024]
• Comparable alternative species: White Cedar
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