Concolor Fir Plug Transplants

[a.k.a White Fir]
[Abies concolor]

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concolor fir plug transplants 5 pack
Concolor Fir for sale, 5 pack shown
concolor fir plug transplants
Concolor Fir, closeup of root plugs

The Concolor Fir (or White Fir) is somewhat similar in general appearance to the Colorado Blue Spruce, meaning it is a very attractive tree with a medium greenish blue color. However, the needle structure is quite different, being much longer and very soft with a very nice aroma. Concolor Fir are fast growing, can grow as high as 150 feet and live over 300 years. They are a gorgeous ornamental evergreen, and are popular for use as Christmas trees.

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Concolor are widely used as ornamental trees and thrive all over the Eastern US, and grow naturally from the Rocky Mountains all the way to the West Coast. Its cones are about 4 inches long on average, and point up instead of down as with most other evergreens.

concolor fir plug transplants on growing platform concolor fir plug transplants for sale

Concolor Fir are shade tolerant, and grow on both moist loamy soils and drier sandy soils. If you’re not familiar with this species [a.k.a. White Fir], it can definitely surprise you with its natural beauty.

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Concolor Fir: characteristics and options:

• prefers hardiness zones 3-7
• prefers full sun to partial shade
• mature height and spread: up to 70 ft high, 25 ft spread
• prefers rich soils, sandy loamy soils, and does well in clay soils
Wikipedia info on Abies concolor
Concolor Fir Sizes and Availability:
--- Concolor Fir seedlings [available in Fall 2020]
--- Concolor Fir transplants [FOR SALE, NOW SHIPPING]
--- Concolor Fir plug seedlings [FOR SALE, shipping begins May 4, 2020]
--- Concolor Fir plug transplants [FOR SALE, shipping begins MID-APRIL 2020]

• Comparable alternative species: Balsam Fir, Canaan Fir, Douglas Fir, and Fraser Fir. Confused about species? Check out our Evergreen Tree Buyers Guide