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Shipping Chart - Click To EnlargeEvergreen Tree Shipping Dates And Deadlines

We ship Mon-Thurs in Spring and Fall, and Mon-Wed in Winter

We never ship on Fridays because that means your trees will sit in the box all weekend in a truck or on a loading dock, potentially baking in the sun.

If the clickable map at right indicates that your order will get there by Friday [UPS] or Sat [USPS], we'll ship immediately if it is available, if we are open that day, and if our shipping schedule is not already full.

If your evergreen tree order is $150 or more, it will ship via UPS Ground unless you specifically ask for Priority Mail. If your order is less than $150, it will ship via either UPS or USPS Priority Mail depending on shipping rates. Both shipping methods usually arrive on about the same day, but if you need a specific shipper, please let us know. You will get a tracking number via email towards the end of the day your order ships. If you don't, please check your email filters or let us know and I'll "dig it up" for you.

If you order by 9:00am EST and the tree species and size is listed as available now, we try very hard to ship your trees that same day if they are in stock and will arrive by Friday [click on the UPS Ground shipping chart shown above right for specifics]. If you order a bit too late in the week such that your trees won't arrive before the weekend, we'll schedule them to ship the following week so that your box of trees does not sit on a truck or loading dock all weekend, possibly baking in the sun. Please also note that in the slow summer and winter seasons we only ship Mondays through Wednesdays, and we never ship on Fridays no matter what time of year it is. If you request a specific arrival date for your trees, we actually aim for one day prior to that to give UPS/USPS an extra day of wiggle room just in case they run into a problem.

Expedited Shipping Options >>

March, April and May are always CRAZY BUSY!!

During the busy Spring season, we often schedule short distance orders [yellow and orange colors on map] to ship later in the week so they'll arrive just in time for weekend planting projects. This also allows us to pack and ship more long distance orders earlier in the week. However, if you have a tight schedule and want to ensure that your order ships on a specific date, just let us know either in the comments area of your order or in a follow up email after placing your order [see also Expedited Shipping].

No Surprise Shipping And Handling Charges

We publish an "out-the-door-price" on all trees, meaning there are no surpirse shipping charges at checkout. We get commercial rate pricing from UPS, which is significantly less than what you'd pay if we just sold you the trees and then had the shipping fees tacked onto your bill during checkout. For example, I shipped a box to my retired parents down in FL and discovered that the commercial rate for that box to that destination was $28, but the retail walk-up rate at the UPS Store was over $50.

PLUS IT IS EASIER! Our "shipping included" policy greatly simplifies the shipping calculations because trees vary in size and weight from year to year, and the weight of plug seedlings and plug transplants varies even more. Calculating shipping costs on a per-customer and per-order basis would be complicated to say the least, because we don't know what size box to use until we begin picking your order and we won't know the exact weight until your order is fill and the box is closed up. Per-order shipping costs just sounds like a nightmare, even if you <3 logistics :)

By the way, don't feel like a second class green thumb if your order ships via Priority Mail, because it has a couple of advantages over UPS Ground. First off, UPS Ground [click on map above] shows that for some states it will take 3, 4 or even 5 days for your trees to arrive, but Priority Mail often meets or even beats UPS Ground to your door by a day or sometimes even two! Secondly, packages shipped Priority Mail can be delivered on Saturdays at no additional charge, which UPS Ground does not match.

Serving The Lower 48 US States Only

Our trees have passed all Michigan Department of Agriculture pest and disease inspections, which allows us to ship throughout the 48 states. However, due to the high cost of inspections and the red tape of quarantine restrictions, we do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or internationally. If you are located outside the 48 states, we suggest that you find a local grower on our 3,000+ page wholesale site or in our plants database.

Monday Arrivals Definitely Not Recommended

Our goal is to prevent your box of trees from sitting on a truck loading dock somewhere all weekend, potentially baking in the sun. We therefore do not ship on Fridays, which means we do not offer Monday as an arrival date [although we ship a lot of trees on Monday]. If you need your order to arrive early in the week but our UPS shipping chart shows it will take too long to get to you [click chart to enlarge], please see "Expedited Shipping" below.

Postponed Shipping

If you would like to order now to reserve trees in your name but postpone shipping due to time of year, weather, a wedding or other special need, please indicate your preferred ship date in the comments area of your order, on our contact page, or in a follow up email after placing your order. If you do not, we'll assume you want your trees shipped ASAP.

Expedited Shipping

If you need fast shipping, we can arrange for a deposit on the additional shipping costs. Please refer to our expedited shipping page.

Questions Not Answered?

If you have any questions about shipping, please contact Rick

On The Calendar:

• NOW: shipping all available bare root evergreen seedlings, bare root evergreen transplants, till end of May 2017
• NOW: shipping all available evergreen seedling plugs and evergreen transplant plugs till mid-June or until sold out
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