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Before You Order, Please Note:

[1] The Date and Time

If you place your order by 9pm EST your trees almost always ship that same day unless our shipping schedule is already full [Spring!!] or we determine that it will not arrive by Friday. In that event, we will postpone shipping to the following Monday. You may also order early to ensure availability, and request a later ship date in a follow up email shortly after placing your order. Please see our shipping page for more info.

[2] Your location

We cannot ship outside the Continental US, meaning we cannot ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada or Mexico. Although all of our plants have passed the Michigan Department of Agriculture inspections for pests and diseases, it is very expensive to obtain the additional pest and disease inspections required to ship live plants outside the lower 48 states of the US.

[3] How you intend to pay

We ship credit card and PayPal orders very quickly, but payments by check obviously take longer to be received. We may not be able to honor your chosen ship date if your check arrives too late...in which case we'll schedule shipment of your trees for the following Monday. It is also possible that the trees you want are sold out by the time your check arrives. In short, ordering by credit card or Paypal is best, and we recommend that you order online to ensure that all of your shipping and billing info is correct.

[4] Postponing your order for weeks or even months

If you have your order shipped right away, the tree sizes as shown on our site will be accurate. However, if you postpone shipment for weeks or months, then our published tree sizes may no longer be accurate...here's why >>

On The Calendar:

• Mid-August: we begin accepting pre-orders for all available evergreen plug seedlings and evergreen plug transplants, with plug shipping season set to start the first week of Sept.
• Late August: we begin accepting pre-orders for traditional bare root evergreen seedlings and traditional bare root evergreen transplants, with bare root shipping season set to start in late Sept.
• Join our unobtrusive email list to be notified of important dates and significant changes to availability [only a few emails per year, promise!]