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Leyland Cypress Transplants

[x Cupressocyparis leylandii]
[a.k.a. Cupressocyparis leylandii, Callitropsis x leylandii, x Cuprocyparis Leylandii]

The Leyland Cypress is famous for fast growth, adding two to four feet of height per year and topping out at 50 ft with a span of up to 20ft. If planted in a small residential area, be prepared to trim seasonally. Like many other cedars, Leyland Cypress can be aggressively sheared and pruned and is therefore perfect for creating dense hedges and privacy screens.

Leyland Cypress is not native to the USA, but this statement is a bit misleading. It was cultivated accidentally in Great Britain between two other species which actually ARE native to the USA. This accidental hybrid was found to achieve fast growth in a wide range of soil types, thus making it very practical and therefore desirable. Some argue however that this species is boring and even unattractive, but that is merely opinion...you are welcome to have your own.

This species is nearly perfect for use as a privacy screen in open areas where it can be allowed to grow at its own pace. It does not lose lower branches or lower needles as with some other species. In high wind conditions in wide open spaces, however, the Leyland Cypress is susceptible to blowover due to its fast top growth combined with its average root growth. Planting another species nearby can alleviate this problem, or plant more Leyland Cypress than would otherwise be necessary to plan for possible losses. Blowover is more likely in wetter soil conditions.

Leyland Cypress can grow in a wide range of soils and pH levels and even poor soils, but drier well-drained soils are generally best. This also means the Leyland Cypress is moderately drought tolerant. They are quite aggressive below ground, using their own naturally occurring root-borne herbicide to push out competing roots from nearby plants.

These and other "bare root" evergreen trees can be pre-ordered now [pricing info], but our shipping schedule is filling up fast and earliest ship date is now the week of April 10 [shipping info]. Order soon to guarantee availability. To request a later or more specific ship date, please send us a follow up email after ordering. Shipping season for these specific bare root trees closes at the end of May 2017. If you need trees shipped earlier or later than the above dates, please look at our various sizes and species of plug seedlings and plug transplants, which can be shipped at nearly any time of year.

We offer cotton gift bag packaging and custom laser cut pendants for all sizes of bare root seedlings and transplants, sold separately in matching quantities.

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OTHER SIZES AND OPTIONS for Leyland Cypress:
bare root transplant [shipping in Spring 2017]
Comparable/alternative species: Bald Cypress, Tamarack Larch
Confused about species? Check out our Evergreen Tree Buyers Guide

Pictures of mature Leyland Cypress
Mature Leyland Cypress Mature Leyland Cypress Mature Leyland Cypress Mature Leyland Cypress

These pictures are for general identification and description only. As your trees reach maturity, they may vary slightly in size, color, and general appearance.

Leyland Cypress Transplants [25-pack shown]

Approx 12-20 inches

Leyland Cypress: Zones 6-10

Prefers zones 6-10

Suitable for full sun and partial shade

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