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Individual Packaging
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Custom Laser Cut Pendants
Auger, 24" Long by 3" dia

Conservation Grade Evergreen Plug Transplants

We've been developing a custom "plug transplant" growing system for quite a few years now, and in the learning process we've made a lot of mistakes...resulting in plug transplants with great root systems but top growth which is small or damaged [aborted top buds, split tops, underfertilized, foliar damage from needlecast or overfertilizing, etc]. Since we ship up to a standard, not down to a price, we've ended up with a large number of healthy but small, damaged or ugly looking trees...known in the wholesale industry as "conservation grade" or "park grade" trees. We have only enough room to grow two crops of plug transplants at the same time, and having too many lower quality trees that we can't bear to throw away leaves us with not enough room for planting our next crop.

Soil conservation districts around the country buy "conservation grade" trees to replant wild areas and return deforested areas back to their original splendor. But since soil conservation districts generally plant in remote areas, the trees only need to be healthy and cheap, not necessarily pretty. They'll become pretty in few years all on their own, with the end result being healthy mature evergreens at low initial cost to county and state budgets. You can take advantage of the cost savings of the "conservation grade" approach for your own planting project.

Watch how to plant these evergreen plug transplants faster and with less effort than any "bare root" evergreen transplant of a similar size. With just a cordless drill and our plug transplant bulb auger, you can realistically plant 50 to 100 trees per hour without breaking your back. You can buy this auger on the cheap with tree purchase, but with any order of 50 plug transplants or more [pls read that again, this offer is not for plug seedlings] we'll include the auger for FREE!

Order the above plug seedlings / plug transplants by 9am EST and we try hard to ship same day, unless [a] your trees won't get to you by Friday or [b] our shipping schedule is already full. [NOTE: our schedule for the week of March 27 is now full, and the week of April 3 we are closed for Spring Break, woo hoo!]. If you'd like to order now to guarantee availability but postpone your shipment to a later date, please specify that date in a follow up email after placing your order. Shipping season for plugs continues through mid-June 2017 or till sold out.

We offer individual plastic packaging, eco-friendly packaging, cotton gift bag packaging and custom laser cut pendants for all sizes of plugs, sold separately in matching quantities.

AVAILABLE NOW in conservation grade plug transplant size:
• Norway Spruce [10-16"]
• Variety Packs [at least three different species of spruce, pine and cedar]
[updated March 22, 2017]

If you choose to order a variety pack, we will select a minimum of three species suitable for your specific planting zone. After ordering a variety pack, we suggest that you send us an email or reply to your automated email receipt indicating your planting zone, planting area and conditions [soil: dark/rich/poor/clay/sandy/loamy, moisture: high-n-dry/moderate/low-n-wet, sunlight: full/partial/shady, extreme heat/cold/wind, plus privacy needs, etc]. You may request that a specific species be included or excluded from your variety pack, and although we can't make promises, we will do our utmost to honor your inclusion/exclusion requests.

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If you order three 50-packs [over $400 worth], an additional 10% discount kicks in automatically during checkout

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Variety Pack of Plug Transplants

Generally 8-24 inches tall depending on species

Evergreen Tree Variety Pack: Zones 3-8

Typically zones 3-8, check each species for specific zone info

Suitable for full sun and partial shade, check each species for specific sun requirements

California and Oregon residents:
We cannot ship this specific tree to you due to your state's quarantine restrictions. View our CA/OR quarantine list >>

On The Calendar:

• NOW: shipping all available evergreen seedling plugs and evergreen transplant plugs till end of May or until sold out
• NOW: accepting pre-orders for bare root evergreen seedlings, bare root evergreen transplants, with shipping set to resume in Spring 2017
• Week of March 27: shipping schedule is now full, incoming orders will be scheduled for week of April 10 [or later upon request]
• Closed for shipping March 30-April 7, 2017 for Spring Break
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