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Bulb Auger for Plug Transplants

With tree purchase: $17
FREE with purchase of 50 or more plug transplants

Our evergreen plug transplants have several advantages over traditional bare root trees, one of which is fast and easy planting with an auger. With just a cordless drill and this very specific size of bulb auger, you can realistically plant 50 to 100 trees per hour without breaking your back. Watch our demo video

This auger is FREE with purchase of 50 or more plug transplants. You don't even have to add it to your shopping cart, we'll just add it to your box of trees when your order ships. If you're buying less than 50 plug transplants, you can buy this auger for just $17.00 using the Add To Cart button immediately below.

NOTE: This bulb auger is only sold at this price to those who are also purchasing trees, and will be included in your box of trees. Since we make no money selling the bulb auger at this price, any order for a bulb auger which does not also include trees will be voided.

Buy a Bulb Auger View Your Evergreen Tree Order

Without tree purchase: $27 with free shipping

This auger is available without tree purchase for $27.00 with free shipping anywhere in the USA. For orders outside the USA, please contact us to determine shipping costs.

Buy a Bulb Auger View Your Evergreen Tree Order

Bulb Auger for quickly planting Plug Transplants

Bulb Auger - made in the USA

On The Calendar:

• Mid-August: we begin accepting pre-orders for all available evergreen plug seedlings and evergreen plug transplants, with plug shipping season set to start the first week of Sept.
• Late August: we begin accepting pre-orders for traditional bare root evergreen seedlings and traditional bare root evergreen transplants, with bare root shipping season set to start in late Sept.
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