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Bare Root Evergreen SeedlingsBare Root Evergreen Transplants
Deciduous Broadleaf Seedlings [Spring 2017 only]

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White Cedar Plug Transplants [5-pack shown]Colorado Blue Spruce Plug Seedlings [5-Pack Shown]White Pine Transplants [10-pack shown]Evergreen Trees For Sale

We sell four sizes/types of evergreen tree [bare root seedling, bare root transplant, plug seedling and plug transplant] in about 15 different species, plus an ever increasing number of deciduous broadleaf seedlings.

Spring 2016 in the midwest has been odd, but yet nearly perfect for us Michigan tree growers: an early warm-up thawed the ground so that we could get in and dig, but then it cooled off and has actually dropped below freezing numerous times, which stops the trees from taking off too soon. In other words, we have to do the same amount of work every year, but this year it is spread out over an additional several weeks so we on top of things and are even sometimes ahead of the game :)

Contrast that with a very late thaw, which results in the same amount of work having to be done in a much shorter time frame, and everybody running around like chickens with their heads cut off and working 80+ hrs a week. Or just as bad, an early thaw which does not go away, resulting in plants breaking bud way too early, which opens them up to the possibility of severe frost damage in mid to late April. A few years ago I had to get up at 3am FOURTEEN TIMES in the month of April to mitigate frost damage.

What to expect when ordering:

[1] Order by 9:00am EST during shipping season and your trees will ship same day if they'll arrive by Friday [or even on Saturday for Priority Mail shipments]. Otherwise we'll ship the following Monday...see our shipping page for more details]
[2] SHIPPING COSTS ARE INCLUDED on all orders, but we also offer expedited shipping at additional cost
[3] You get a one year guarantee
[4] If you order multiple species/sizes/types and some are not yet available for shipping, we will postpone your order and ship them all in one order unless you specify otherwise
[5] Each tree species will be labeled for easy identification
[6] Printed planting and care instructions are included with your order and are available online
[7] Check out our before you order page and our shipping information page for detailed shipping info and options
[8] We cannot ship outside the Continental US (why not?)

Helpful links and information:

[1] Learn how to properly plant an evergreen tree, or watch our instructional videos
[2] Use our evergreen tree buyer's guide to find the tree that's just right for you
[3] Learn about how to prepare your trees for weddings and other special events, or save yourself the time and trouble of individually wrapping your trees by ordering our individual packaging, eco friendly packaging or gift bag packaging services
[4] Learn more about planting living privacy screens and tree windbreaks
[5] Learn about winterburn and how to prevent it, a condition which can damage a young tree such that it appears to be dead after a long, dry Winter

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[3] All prices include shipping, so the price you see is the price you pay
[4] We offer same day shipping if you order by 9am [with a few caveats], far faster than most growers
[5] If a problem comes up, we will respond as quickly as we can, and make it right

NEW: Eco Friendly Individual Packaging

We now offer three options for individual packaging of your evergreen trees, including our new eco friendly packaging option involving wax paper and twine...no plastic needed!

Individual Eco Packaging option for plug seedlings, Meyers Spruce shown in this example

On The Calendar:

• Now shipping all available species and sizes of evergreen seedling plugs and evergreen transplant plugs
• Week of December 19: last week of shipping of evergreen seedling plugs and evergreen transplant plugs until mid-January 2017
• Mid Jan 2017: plug shipping resumes, shipping all available evergreen seedling plugs and evergreen transplant plugs till end of May or until sold out
• Mid Jan 2017: preorders begin for bare root evergreen seedlings, bare root evergreen transplants and bare root deciduous broadleaf seedlings, with shipping resuming in mid to late March 2017

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