Used Equipment Ad Form

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Step 1: Used Equipment Ad Submission Form

The Basics:
• SLOW DOWN…your ad will be up for 4 months, so please take your time and get it right. Good descriptive ads with good photos get good results 🙂
• Ads are $75.00, include 7 free photos, and are posted for 4 months
• The ten newest ads are also posted on our home page, with a guaranteed minimum of 7 days of front page exposure
• We review all ads for typos and bad grammar and crop photos and improve exposure/color balance to help you put your best foot forward
• Questions or changes to your ad? Please email us for help and info
• Only one piece of equipment allowed per ad unless it is specifically offered as a set with just one asking price (e.g. a flatbed truck and pod trailer, or a tree spade mounted on a skidsteer, etc.)
• Multiple ads are $50.00 each if placed at the same time, so that we can do all of the work in one sitting [for example, 3 ads sent in one afternoon would cost $150.00]
• Wanted To Buy ads are free, but please only one want ad per month per person/organization