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Canadian Hemlock Seedling JUMBO Plugs

(a.k.a. Eastern Hemlock)
(Tsuga Canadensis)

A very popular evergreen for landscaping, Canadian Hemlock reach a height of up to 70 feet with a spread of up to 30 feet at the base. It is well suited for use as a privacy screen or a hedge [but will require aggressive pruning], and features dark green needles with gently draping branches.

The Canadian Hemlock does not handle salt very well, so avoid planting in areas which may receive a significant amount of road salt runoff. It does grow well in fairly heavy clay soils. It also withstands heavy shearing and pruning, and so can be shaped as needed without worry of any long term damage.

Note that although this species will grow as far south as Zone 7, we suggest that you provide partial shade during the first few years if planted in Zone 7, such as near more mature trees or on the north slope of a hill.

SOLD OUT / DISCONTINUED, see available plug seedlings and plug transplants

Pictures of mature Canadian Hemlock / Eastern Hemlock
Canadian Hemlock - Eastern HemlockCanadian Hemlock - Eastern HemlockCanadian Hemlock - Eastern Hemlock

These pictures are for general identification and description only. As your trees reach maturity, they may vary slightly in size, color, and general appearance.

Canadian Hemlock Jumbo Plug Seedlings [5-Pack Shown]

Approx 8-16 inches

Canadian Hemlock: Zones 3-7

Prefers zones 3-7

Suitable for full sun and partial shade

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