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Deciduous Seedlings For Sale
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• Shipping in Spring 2017: Bare Root Evergreen Seedlings [accepting pre-orders now]
• Shipping in Spring 2017: Bare Root Evergreen Transplants [accepting pre-orders now]

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Deciduous Broadleaf Tree Seedlings For Sale [bare root]


These specific bare root deciduous broadleaf seedlings below will begin shipping in Spring 2017, with pre-orders set to start in mid-January 2017. Please consider joining our very unobtrusive email list to be notified of these dates.

American Crabapple Seedlings
American Plum Seedlings
Black Cherry Seedlings
Black Locust Seedlings
Black Oak Seedlings
Black Walnut Seedlings
Box Elder Seedlings
Common Chokecherry Seedlings
Common Paw Paw Seedlings
Common Witch Hazel Seedlings
Domestic Apple Seedlings
Eastern Redbud Seedlings
Hardy Apricot Seedlings
Japanese Tree Lilac Seedlings
Musclewood Seedlings
Northern Catalpa Seedlings
Northern Pecan Seedlings
Pin Oak Seedlings
Quaking Aspen Seedlings
Red Maple Seedlings
Red Oak Seedlings
River Birch Seedlings
Sargent Crabapple Seedlings
Saskatoon Serviceberry Seedlings
Silver Maple Seedlings
Speckled Alder Seedlings
Sugar Maple Seedlings
Sycamore Seedlings
White Flowering Dogwood Seedlings
White Oak Seedlings

What is a broadleaf seedling or broadleaf sapling?

Sown from seed or cuttings and grown for 1-2 years depending on species, these broadleaf tree seedlings are harvested when they reach a height and root size suitable for shipping and transplanting. They are field grown, dug as soon as the frost leaves the ground, are graded and bundled and then packed in damp sphagnum moss and wrapped in plastic to retain moisture during shipping. Sizes range typically 12-18 inches depending on the species [not including roots]. Please refer to the exact sizing info on each broadleaf tree's specific page.

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On The Calendar:

• NOW: shipping all available evergreen seedling plugs and evergreen transplant plugs till end of May or until sold out
• NOW: accepting pre-orders for bare root evergreen seedlings, bare root evergreen transplants, with shipping set to resume in Spring 2017
• Week of March 27: shipping schedule is now full, incoming orders will be scheduled for week of April 10 [or later upon request]
• Closed for shipping March 30-April 7, 2017 for Spring Break
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